Why Choose QIS as your Printer Toner Partner

Our specialty is providing a more concierge approach to indirect spend reduction and cost avoidance on printer toner cartridge supplies, consumables and hardware.

Believe it or not, printer toner is not going away any time soon. The office supplies industry saw over $10B in revenue in 2019, where 40% of that is attributed to ink and toner cartridges alone. Post-pandemic estimates thought the industry would have a 2-5% revenue loss but in reality, the office supply industry saw over 30% revenue growth to over $14B in 2021 and is still going strong!

Quality Imaging Solutions is state and federally certified as a WBE and a DBE. If your company or agency has supplier diversity goals or mandates, inquire with us for more information.

We look forward to providing you with what it takes to print your message and advising how to do it for less. Please reach out, we love to talk about toner!