Why Choose QIS as your Printer Toner Partner

We at Quality Imaging Solutions are passionate about providing unique solutions beyond simple cost savings to our corporate clients for their printer hardware, managed print service and printer cartridge needs.

Despite what historically had been a slight YoY decline in printer cartridge use, the COVID-19 pandemic brought around a resurgence in printing needs worldwide. In fact, the global printer cartridge supply market was valued at just $4.68B (USD) in 2022, and has expected growth of 6.15% by 2029, reaching nearly $7.11B (USD).

The rise in demand not just for printer toner - but also sustainable solutions for printer hardware itself and printer cartridge supplies too - is not surprising as remote work is still a norm for many businesses even post-pandemic.

According to Forbes Magazine, "the percentage of U.S. companies offering flexibility increased from 51% at the start of 2023 to 62% around November. While 2024 might see little change in work-from-home levels, it will kickstart a revolution—one where working from home is 5x more common than 5 years ago in 2019. Furthermore, tons of smaller and faster-growing companies will adopt flexible working patterns, whether it’s structured hybrid work or a fully remote job, in order to attract and retain top talent. The caveat being that flexible work refers to how people work rather than where they work."

In addition to our tailored approach to meeting businesses' needs, we are also proud to be certified as a WBE, WOSB, and DBE. We also hold sustainability certifications for our remanufactured printer cartridges with GreenCircle Certified. These certifications not only highlight our commitment to diversity and inclusion but also make us a valuable partner for businesses looking to meet their ESG goals.