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Remanufactured printer cartridges are an environmentally friendly printing solution. They consume less materials and use fewer natural resources than single-use cartridges. It’s important to note that when a printer cartridge is remanufactured, it is a reused cartridge – a cartridge that would have otherwise ended up in an overburdened landfill. Reuse is the highest form of environmental responsibility and is superior to recycling in that it does not use non-renewable resources to breakdown plastic and metal. Multiple government agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency, have stated that a printer cartridge and all its components should always first be evaluated for refurbishment. If refurbishment is not possible then responsible recycling should be pursued. *

* US Environmental Protection Agency, “Consolidated Recovered Materials Advisory Notice (RMAN) for the Comprehensive Procurement Guideline (CPG).” September 2007.

Quality Imaging Solutions recycling program provides all customers with an environmentally friendly program to return empty cartridges and help keep them out of overburdened landfills. The cartridges collected provide a constant stream of empty cartridges that are used to produce QIS’ high quality remanufactured cartridges. Participation is free for all our customers and getting started is easy. Contact CustomerService@qualityimagingsolutions.com for more information on how to register today!

Quality Imaging Solutions (QIS) remanufactured ink and laser printer cartridges received GreenCircle certifications for both Recycled Content and Closed Loop Product.

QIS’ remanufactured ink cartridges were certified at 99% Recycled Content and Closed Loop Product while QIS’ remanufactured laser toner cartridges were certified at 86% Recycled Content and Closed Loop Product. GreenCircle’s Recycled Content & Closed Loop certifications demonstrate an organization’s commitment to reuse materials to support a circular economy and reduce their reliance on virgin materials. GreenCircle follows ISO 14021 and FTC standards for recycled content claims.

GreenCircle Certified is an internationally recognized third-party certification entity whose thorough evaluation process provides independent verification that sustainability claims related to an organization’s products and operations are honest, valid, and verified. The certification process for QIS’ products included a full audit of recycled content and closed loop claims as well as a facility audit.

GreenCircle Certified is recognized as a valid third-party certification entity by the U.S. Federal Government, the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), and the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR).