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How Procurement can help Heal the Earth through Sustainable Strategic Sourcing

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May 24, 2023 at 9:30:00 AM PDT May 24, 2023 at 9:30:00 AM PDTth, May 24, 2023 at 9:30:00 AM PDT

Positive Change via Sustainable Sourcing

Remanufactured printer cartridges are an excellent way for companies to become more sustainable and meet their Scope 3#ESG goals. By using remanufactured printer cartridges, companies can reduce their environmental impact while still getting the same quality of print output — or better. Furthermore, these remanufactured cartridges also cost significantly less than new ones, which makes them an attractive option for businesses looking to save money.

#Remanufacturedprintercartridges are made from recycled materials and components that have been refurbished and tested to ensure that they meet the same standards as new cartridges. This helps reduce waste and energy consumption associated with creating new products while helping businesses achieve a high level of productivity and performance. Additionally, remanufactured printer cartridges can be reused multiple times before they need to be replaced, further reducing waste and costs associated with printing. 

How a High Quality Remanufactured Printer Cartridge Can Help Heal the Environment

Remanufactured printer cartridges are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment. They are part of a circular economy — an economic system that is designed to reduce waste and increase efficiency. This type of economy is based on the principles of reducing, reusing, and recycling resources in order to create a sustainable and regenerative system and focuses on creating products that can be used over and over again, instead of being discarded after a single use. This system has become increasingly important in recent years due to the increasing pressure on natural resources, as well as the growing awareness of environmental issues.

Because remanufactured cartridges are made from recycled materials, fewer natural resources are used in the manufacturing process. In addition, these cartridges can be reused multiple times, reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfills. This makes them a more sustainable choice than buying new cartridges or refilling your existing ones. Furthermore, remanufactured print cartridges often have a lower cost than buying new ones, making them an even more attractive option for those looking to save money while helping the environment.

There are many benefits of purchasing remanufactured print cartridges, including cost-efficiency and high-quality output. However, these print cartridges can also help your company meet — or exceed — your ESG goals, specifically in the Scope 3 category. Here are the numbers you need to know:

For a black remanufactured print cartridge, you achieve:

  • A 53% lower carbon footprint
  • 59% lower energy usage
  • 52% less impact on natural resources
  • Reduces human health impact by 66% 

For a color remanufactured print cartridge, you achieve:

  • A 49% lower carbon footprint
  • 52% lower energy usage
  • 40% less impact on natural resources
  • Reduces human health impact by 70% 

In addition to these benefits, remanufactured cartridges offer a cost-effective way to get higher quality and output than OEM cartridges. By using remanufactured toner cartridges, you can save 30-40% on your printing costs while still getting the same quality and output as OEM cartridges.

Let Us Help You Gain the Benefits of Remanufactured Cartridges

At Quality Imaging Solutions LLC, we offer our customers a unique — and sustainable — solution for their printing needs. We guarantee that our remanufactured print cartridges that are of the highest quality to help you reach your Scope 3 ESG goals and your daily production needs.

Our cartridges provide a cost-effective alternative to buying new ones, and they come with a full warranty so you can be sure that your purchase is protected. We work with leaders in the field of cartridge remanufacturing that perform rigorous OEM benchmarking and third-party testing to make sure each cartridge meets standards of excellence — and sustainability.

With our remanufactured cartridges, you can rest assured that you are getting the best value for your money. Just contact us today to learn more!