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How Supplier Diversity Can Benefit Dental Practices and DSO's

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July 5, 2023 at 1:00:00 PM PDT July 5, 2023 at 1:00:00 PM PDTth, July 5, 2023 at 1:00:00 PM PDT

Ethics have always been important to the #dental industry. In fact, research shows that 69% of people choose dental practices that are members of the American Dental Association (ADA) — an organization that promotes a strong ethical code. And, with a growing number of consumers choosing companies that put emphasis on #supplierdiversity strategies, #dentists are finding new ways to combine ethics with ways to improve care and make the world a better place.

One of these ways is by putting a supplier diversity program in place as part of a larger #ESG strategy. Not only do these programs assist dentists in keeping their supplies on hand, but they also provide a host of other benefits.

Supplier Diversity and Your Dental Practice — a Win-Win Combination

ESG factors are becoming increasingly important for #healthcareproviders, including dentists, and is a crucial part of the industry since it helps to ensure that providers are operating in a #sustainable and #sociallyresponsible manner and that services are provided in an ethical and equitable way.

Diverse Suppliers Provide Access to New Technologies

Having more than one supplier for your dental practice’s needs can open the door to new technologies. A pool of #diversesuppliers can bring access to leading edge tools and techniques. In addition, having a variety of sources of products you use to choose from, can help you select the highest quality and most cost-effective alternatives.

Supplier Diversity allows dentists to measure their performance against industry standards, identify areas of improvement, and develop strategies to reduce risks associated with their operations. These strategies can also help providers gain access to #investorcapital who prioritize supplier diversity, and attract and retain customers who value ethical business practices. Here are some other ways ESG programs like supplier diversity, in particular, can help your dental practice thrive:

Diverse Suppliers Help Your Office Embrace Sustainability

When you choose supplier diversity, you have a larger pool of manufacturers and distributors that can offer you tools and products that are created around #sustainabilitycriteria. This may allow you to replace wasteful or environmentally hazardous products with those that are kinder to the planet. Smaller suppliers can often bring innovative ways to reduce waste and energy to the table, helping you increase your overall sustainability. And, building a diverse supply chain helps you build relationships with suppliers who prioritize sustainable practices.

Diverse Suppliers Help Your Team Stay Engaged

Wait—a diverse supplier base can contribute to office engagement? Absolutely! In fact, 70% of today’s talent are more likely to want to work for companies that focus on creating a diverse supplier base. When you place an emphasis on creating #diversity, #inclusion, and #socialpurpose in product and service #sourcing, you signal your commitment to ESG. This, in turn, can help you hire — and retain — top level talent that can provide higher quality care to your patients.

Diverse Suppliers Can Help You Expand Your Patient Base

When your #dentaloffice commits to supplier diversity goals you are telling your patients and the local community that you support diversity and inclusion and in turn welcome a diverse patient base too.

Whether you express these goals through newsletters, direct mail campaigns, social media, or other marketing tools, you are helping to increase your visibility and broaden your patient base. Research has shown that people want diversity from their healthcare providers. If you show people your commitment to diversity by partnering with suppliers from various backgrounds, you can help reach a wider range of people in your community.

Supplier Diversity Can Be Simple — Let Us Show You How!

Achieving supplier diversity in your dental office can be as easy as making a few simple changes to the way you purchase office supplies, like your printer toner cartridges. By choosing vendors that are owned by members of diverse communities, you can ensure that your organization is supporting and investing in those communities. This not only helps to create an inclusive workplace, but it also helps to create a stronger economy by providing opportunities for small businesses. Additionally, it can help to create a more competitive marketplace and improve customer satisfaction. By investing in diverse suppliers, your organization is demonstrating its commitment to creating an equitable society and promoting economic growth for everyone.

At Quality Imaging Solutions LLC, we offer two important advantages to our partners. First, we are both a state and federally certified #disadvantaged AND#womanownedbusiness, so we can help you build — or improve — your diverse supplier base. Second, we believe in #sustainablepractices, so we apply them in our company’s day-to-day operations, helping our partners to grow — or maintain — their #scope3emissions sustainability goals. Let us help you reach those goals and gain access to leading edge — and cost-effective — office technologies that will keep your dental practice running smoother. Simply contact us today and let’s get started!